Sunday, August 28, 2011

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Bailey Children’s Book by Harry Bliss Giveaway

Scholastic new release BAILEY by New York Times bestselling author Harry Bliss is a cute little story about a dog named Bailey that goes to school. It’s a great story to get children laughing and relaxed about going back to school. For ages 4 – 8 Bailey is a dog who surprises and charms his fellow human classmates with his irrepressible antics. We laughed and smiled as we read the book together.
Follow Bailey the dog as he gets ready and goes to school. Should he wear the red or blue collar? Both are so fashionable! Will he be late? That squirrel is a distraction! And what about Bailey’s homework? Would you believe he ate it? That is what dogs do, after all.
In this funny new book from the best selling children’s illustrator Harry Bliss, school proves to be an unexpected place for Bailey to do all sorts of things he loves: reading, fetching, painting, digging, singing — and making friends!

Enter to Win:

Two (2) winners
· A copy of the new book Bailey by Harry Bliss
· Limited edition Bailey lunch box

Enter to WIN! From MomStart :)

 All info was taken from the site of MomStart:

Contest ends 9/12 at Midnight

Rio Movie Night with h20 Giveaway

Beat the summer heat with family movie night! h2O®, the natural spring water in a revolutionary paper bottle recently partnered with Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment for the Blu-ray and DVD release of Rio.
h2O is a great way to offer today’s environmentally-conscious bottled water addicted drinker to still have that bottled water in a way that won’t fill up a landfill. h20 minimizes the consumer’s impact on the environment while at the same time provides a safe drinking experience with no danger of chemicals leaching into the water. They are mainly made of paper, a renewable resource and are completely recyclable.
clip_image001RIO, from the makers of the hit ICE AGE series, is a comedy-adventure about taking a walk on the wild side and it’s quite fun to watch and listen to. The music is FANTASTIC. Blu is quite spectacular himself. He is a domesticated Macaw who never learned to fly, living a comfortable life with his owner and best friend Linda in the small town of Moose Lake, Minnesota. Blu and Linda think he’s the last of his kind, but when they learn about another Macaw who lives in Rio de Janeiro, they head to the faraway and exotic land to find Jewel, Blu’s female counterpart. Which is when all the adventure begins, not long after they arrive, Blu and Jewel are kidnapped by a group of bungling animal smugglers.  With the help of street smart Jewel, and a group of wise-cracking and smooth-talking city birds, Blu escapes. Now, with his new friends by his side, Blu will have to find the courage to learn to fly, thwart the kidnappers who are hot on their trail, and return to Linda, the best friend a bird ever had. We all loved watching Rio.

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imageRio on DVD and a Rio Coloring Book

Enter to WIN! From MomStart :)

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Mosquito Repellent ThermaCell Lantern Giveaway

A few months ago I received a ThermaCell Lantern to take on our camping trip. You all know how our camping trip was a disaster in a way, and quite a lot of fun in another. We were rained upon until we ran out of clothes, that being said, the weather has not permitted me to fully test out the ThermaCell. I feel terrible about that, but with most of the country still in summer weather and full of mosquitoes I wanted to get this product out there for the rest of you to see.
Outdoor Lantern Next to Bag
ThermaCELL makes LED Patio and Outdoor Lanterns equipped with the most effective, environmentally-safe, odor-free Mosquito Repellent on the market.  ThermaCELL products create a bug free zone with an all natural extract, protecting you, kids, guests, food and pets all without spraying chemicals on your skin.  The lantern does not smell, is not harmful to humans, animals, insects, or the environment, keeping your deck or campsite light-up and skin bite free. I hope to get to test this product next summer.
The US Department of Defense tested it and deemed it to be 98% effective protection against biting insects, and sends it to the troops in the Middle East to combat mosquito and sand fly born diseases like malaria.  Visit for more information. The Lantern operates on a single butane cartridge, which heats a mat releasing allethrin, a synthetic copy of a natural insecticide found in chrysanthemum flowers that create a 15 x 15 ft comfort zone. Each repellent mat provides up to four hours of protection and each butane cartridge provides up to 12 hours of operation.

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A ThermaCell Lantern