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You could WIN! From Mommy's Memorandum ~ " Elfing Around"

Elfing Around ~ Win it from Mommy's Memorandum! Just in time for Christmas!

All information was taken from the site ~ Mommy's Memorandum

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It’s 157 days until Christmas…not that I’m counting. After all, it’s July! Still, as the swamp cooler groans about the heat, I’m inside threatening the kiddos with “Santa’s watching you?” Then our very own elf arrived from Elfing Around and now I have some true believers!
We have a shelf elf that through the month of December gets hidden and the children delight in finding her.  A few nights in, my husband has lost interest and by Day 10, we’ve run out of places to hide her. Lisa Huckemeyer, owner of Elfing Around, LLC, has some mad elfing skills because suddenly, I’m eager to start Elfing Around. Even my husband had a twinkle in his eye.
Elfing Around "Letter from Herbie Elf"
Elfing Around: "Letter from Herbie Elf, Jr."
Elfing Around Postmark
Elfing Around is detailed..check out the postmark!
Elfing Around is and ADVENTURE. It starts with a “Letter from Herbie Elf, Jr.” it’s even in an “official” envelope. The letter is a teaser letting children know that a very special Elf will be arriving. The parent simply addresses the letter and makes it noticeable a few days before the moment of reveal.  I love events that have a build up! Elfing Around is detail oriented. The post mark is an authentic touch coming from “Santa”. I love it!
Elfing Around: Elf with "I'm Here" Letter
Elfing Around: Elf with "I'm Here" Letter
Elfing Around Girl Elf
Elfing Around: Girl Elf
On the day designated for the Elf arrival, the kit includes an Elf (new owners select boy or girl), and an ‘I’m Here. I’m Here Letter” along with matching Elf tattoos in a spot where your child can discover the Elf.
Elfing Around Parent Adventure Guide Book
Elfing Around: Parent Adventure Guide Book
From here the fun really begins. Every detail is planned out. There’s no “Where can I hide the Elf tonight?” Elfing Around comes complete with a Parent Adventure Guide Book. I am truly impressed by the clever adventure awaiting. On the inside of the book there is an “Elf School” that gives guidance and tips for the night’s mischief, while the outside of the page has a note to include with the Elf. There’s no drama over the set up, each adventure takes 5-minutes or less and most use common household items so there’s no need for shopping lists.
Elfing Around: Elf Adventures
Elfing Around: Elf Adventures with Elf Postcards
For 12 nights, suggested Elf Adventures (with COMPLETED Elf Postcards) transform the house while the children are nestled all snug in their beds. There are also some blank postcards included for the creative ones out there to create their own adventure.
elfing around snowball fight
Elfing Around: Snowball Fight
Imagine the children’s delight when they wake up to the magical scene of an indoor snowball fight–one of an elves favorite things to do!
Elfing Around: Movie Night
Elfing Around: Movie Night
What about waking up to discover the Elf watched their favorite movie (think Rudolph) complete with popcorn? It’s a sight they won’t forget!
Elfing Around: Reading
Elfing Around: Reading Adventure
There’s even some fun reading to keep kiddos thinking about school during Christmas vacation!
As the adventure unwinds, on Christmas Eve, the Elf is placed where Santa can find him/her and Santa will return the Elf to Lapland, North Pole until he’s ready to return for more mischief next year.
Elfing Around is sure to be a hit and with Parent Adventure Guide Books for Years 2,3 and 4 available it is sure to be a tradition that the whole family looks forward to participating in and celebrating. In addition the Elfing Around Website has free coloring pages and other activities for the children that can be done separate or incorporated into the magical adventure.
Consider ordering and Elfing Around Elf now as a Christmas gift for someone or to prepare for the most amazing 12-days of Christmas. Don’t just take my word for it….check out the testimonials! 
Bring the magic home with Elfing Around and make the most of the holiday season with memories that every child will treasure. For a limited time enter promo code 30off to receive 30% off your order. (Ends August 7, 2011)
Win It
One Mommy’s Memorandum Reader will WIN an Elfing Around Elf (Boy or Girl; winner’s pick!)

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