Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Build a Dream House Giveaway!

Do you remember making cardboard playhouses as a child?  Have you ever bought your child what you thought was the perfect present?  Just to watch them only want to play with the box that it came in?  If you said yes... I've got great news!  What if I told you that now the box can be the perfect present!!

My daughter loves playing with boxes.  She will take any box that she can get her cute little hands on.  She is forever taking boxes that arrive in the mail and adding them to the collection in her room.  She used them to hide stuff in, for baby beds for her dolls and for houses for her stuffed animals.

Imagine her surprise when I gave her in ice cream truck from Build A Dream Playhouse!  The Imagine Wagon is just like the real thing.  Ice cream bars on the top, each with a bite taken out of them!  It also has side mirrors, luggage rack, dashboard and a light bar.

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