Friday, February 18, 2011

Nintendo DS Game Review& Giveaway: Think Smart “Power UP your Brain” 8+ --

Let’s face it, kids nowadays are a lot smarter than what we knew at their age 20 some years ago. I still think that our little ones are born with an iPhone, Laptop and a Ps3, it’s amazing the Technology they already at a Toddler age, know and use. When I was little we played matching games on the kitchen table, my kids no use their Nintendo DS or the iPad to play the same games and guess what, they talk to the kids….?? Let’s face it, this is a different world and kids are required to learn at a faster pace and learn a lot more than what we had to learn. You know we love Nintendo, and I know my Toddler, Tween and my Teen all enjoy the many games that are available for the Nintendo DS. I’m as a mom, am always concerned if I buy the right game for the right kid. I really like the educational games. If the kids use computer and electronic games, why not give them something where they will learn while “playing”. You get the best of both worlds, kids are happy cause they get to play the Nintendo DS and Mom is happy because their brain is still active and working while playing.. win win for all.

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