Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dry Soda Giveaway! Ending Friday! 2/25

  Taken from the site:

Dry Soda Review & Giveaway!

Happy Monday! Man do I have an cool "find" to tell you about this morning. Wait, can I call it a find if they sent the product to me?  Maybe not but when the kind folks over at Dry Soda Co sent us an assorted 12 pack of their DRY natural bottled soda for review here on Mrs-Adventure, I felt like I had just be notified of a drink that until that moment didn't exist. So I'll stick with "find" wink, wink. Of course soon as the package arrived I had to tear into it...

Along with the package they sent a handy “suggested pairings” list. To give you an example: Its say’s Blood Orange as tangy and bright, with a high acidity, as well as great for pairing with salmon, oysters, and sweet greens. It got better from there since we love entertaining, they also included liquor suggestions as well woot woot. I tried the Blood Orange with Spiced Rum and the Vanilla with Vodka both could have been served in champagne flutes they were so bubbly at a dinner party.

Before ever opening the first bottle I was already excited about the product. They had wooed me with their fancy glass bottles, cute packaging, a  4 ingredient maximum, less sugar, natural ingredients that I could read and understand, once I tasted the light crisp vanilla I was hooked.

To be honest I still haven't tried the lemongrass favor, but I plan to. Some of the flavors seem odd and others I'm shy of just because of past experiences. I tried their lavender soda this weekend on the boat when it was good and warm outside. I was afraid since I've had lavender flavored chocolate before and thought it was awful... but the favors of these sodas were meant for "pairing" and I think that's why they are not overwhelming... if my rambling makes sense :-)

My favorite hands down was the vanilla (so far) but the blood orange runs a close second.

The Goods...

You don't have to take my word for it, they have offered up a free 12 pack of sodas to one lucky reader
HURRY! Time is running out for a chance to win this GREAT soda!


  1. Thank you very much for blogging about the give-away.

    I'll have another one this next week as well :+)

  2. Would LOVE love LOVE to win this giveaway! ;)
    I look forward to more giveaways and thanks!