Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Cahootie GIVEAWAY! Ending 3/1


Cahootie Review and Giveaway

When was the last time you saw an item that brought back childhood memories?  There is something special about seeing something and remembering a time that hadn't been thought of recently, maybe even for years.  Cahootie has taken me back in time!

Do you remember those folded paper "fortune telling" games as a child?  They used to be the coolest thing when I was in grade school.  They would tall you who you were going to marry, where you were going to live and how many kids you were going to have!

Cahootie has taken that popular childhood game and made it even better!  Each Cahootie comes with 40 reusable stickers. Each sticker has a different question on it. So the game is constantly changing.  No matter how many times you play the game, it's going to be different!

I love the fact that Cahooties are very durable.  They are made with laminated paper making them stronger than the traditional notebook paper games.  They are also brightly colored, making them even more fun to play!

My kids are 10 and 7 and they had so much fun answering and asking questions.  In the car, at home, at a sporting event or on a long road trip.  Take a Cahootie along for hours of fun and laughs.  It's a game that every member of the family can enjoy playing, TOGETHER!

There are several different Cahooties, over 20 varieties to choose from.  There is everything from best friends forever to slumber party to my fab family and many more.

My kids are animal lovers and my daughter absolutely loves sea creatures.  We had the pleasure of receiving the Sea Creatures Cahootie.  My daughter's eyes lit up when I showed it to her.  Followed by a big smile and a thank you!  She loved the animals on her new Cahootie; a shark, sea lion, crab, whale and her favorite, a dolphin - among others.

As a mom (and an aunt), I love the fact that it is not only fun but it's also educational.  When learning is fun, kids are eager to learn and are more likely to remember what they learn in the process.

Just a few of the examples on the sea creature Cahootie:
  • What is your favorite creature to see at the aquarium?
  • If you could be any sea creature, what would you be?
  • Are whales a mammal or a fish?
  • True or False?  The killer whale is a type of dolphin.
  • Move your mouth like a fish for 10 seconds.
  • Name some things you can do to help protect our oceans.

In 2008 Cahootie won several distinguished industry recognitions including Creative Child's "Game of the Year", the Toy Man's "Award of Excellence" and "Choice Award", and the National Parent Center's "Seal of Approval", among others.


 ONE lucky Being Frugal and Making it Work reader is going to receive a Cahootie of their choice!
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