Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Chalkboard Tee Giveaway! Ends 3/11


ATTN: Little Artists! *Review & Giveaway*

With everything being about Eli these past few weeks (and weeks to come) I thought I'd throw in a extra giveaway (Thanks to for the older crowd!

We, my daughter and I got to review Class Attire's Chalkboard Tee! When we got it, of course, Vetty wanted to start drawing right away. We received it in a cute little container and even had ideas on how to re-use it! We've already re-used ours... as a vase for our paper flowers for my daughter's teacher Valentines Day gift for the class! Check out the craft HERE @ HappilyDomestic.

We choose the "Red Apple" Tee because my daughter just loves school! Crazy, I know!

Anyways, let's get to the review. Right from the package the "chalkboard" was a bit stiff so we gave it a wash (inside-out) and hung it to dry before wearing. It ,came with the 5 small chalk sticks in a cute handy little match box and, like I mentioned earlier, instructions (below) as well. The RED is a lovely color and I can't wait to buy more for my girlies.

After prepping it we sat down and took a look at the "chalkboard" area and it didn't looked damaged by the wash at all, it's a nice good thickness, but still movable with the fabric. We did a little doodling first, it was so fun!

I love that you can draw just about anything on these tees. I mean, take a look at the picture on the right --------------------->>
From a simple black butterfly, it's become a fluttering bright and colorful butterfly. Like the instructions say, just wipe with a damp cloth to erase and start over! We've noticed that it does take a bit of work to erase your drawings but the kids don't care, as long as they can keep using it over and over, they're HAPPY! This is a great outlet for kids to express themselves versus keeping their feelings to themselves.

And your kiddos can still be artistic on-the-go as well! There's a handy-dandy pocket for your chalk that Class Attire calls the "Chalk-It!" It's only room for one, so pick your favorite color and you can be on your way. Vet loves to wear her Tee, so far she's been wearing it every Friday after school and loves to show it off. Today she wore it again and saw me taking pictures and wanted to say do a little video and then got camera shy.. check it out HERE.

They have 5 awesome designs to choose from....
The Chalkboard Tee is the coolest thing since, well, ever!  It's a chalkboard on a shirt, but it's as soft and flexible as a regular printed tee.  Plus, you can write, draw, erase, and repeat.  There's even a pocket for your chalk, the Chalk-It! 
BUY: You can buy a The Chalkboard Tee for only $25 their prices were just reduced! Ohh and...... you can buy them in any and all sizes! Adults too!

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Class Atire will be awarding ONE winner with a Chalkboard Tee of their choice!
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