Thursday, March 17, 2011

10 Reasons Why We Like Tangled, The Disney Rapunzel Movie Giveaway

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1 Purple Princess – My Purple princess is so excited that one of the Disney Princesses wears a purple dress. She has put a purple Rapunzel dress on her Christmas list already.
2 Beautiful Artwork –
Tangled Artwork
3 Pub Thugs

4 Singing Pub Thugs that have a dream – Zoe’s favorite part is the bar scene.
5 Tangled Activity Sheets
Download Printable Activities!
6 A Green Chameleon named Pascal as a best friend to Rapunzel
Pascal T-Shirt
7 A Horse, named Maximus with attitude. Maximus doesn’t like Flynn at first glance because Maximus believes in upholding the law.
Maximus T-Shirt
8 Beautiful Lanterns
paper lantern
9 Songs about Hair
Tangled Hair
10 And a prince named Eugene!
Tangled Blu-ray artIf you haven’t seen Tangled yet, you really should. Mandy Moore sang beautifully and the artwork really is amazing. The heart-warming and hilarious hijinks of Rapunzel and her unlikely hero, Flynn Rider, aka Eugene, are brought to life by a stellar vocal cast including Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi. Bonus material includes an extensive behind-the-scenes making of featurette, deleted scenes, alternate openings, and more!

Enter to Win:

TANGLED on Blu-ray + DVD Combo Pack and
an Adult Size Large Green T-Shirt featuring Pascal the chameleon, an Adult Size Large Blue T-Shirt featuring Maximus the police horse, and a do-it-yourself paper lantern!
To enter, just go here! Good Luck! :

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