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Popcorn Giveaway! YummY! :)

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Giveaway: Dale and Thomas Gourmet Popcorn Huge Giveaway

We pop our corn daily and deliver it fresh!

About: Everybody loves popcorn. Especially Dale and Thomas Popcorn! But they take it further than anyone else. You could say they are crazy — seriously crazy — about the stuff! How serious? And just how crazy? Serious enough that they created a company completely devoted to popping the freshest, plumpest, most tender kernels of Indiana’s finest corn. And crazy enough to work around the clock to create flavors like Chocolate Chunk N'Caramel DrizzleCorn and Peanut Butter & White Chocolate DrizzleCorn!

They have developed a huge assortment of delicious, irresistible flavors that blend perfectly with the crunchy, munchy texture of sweet and salty popped corn. This is definitely not your average movie house popcorn. Oh, no. This is popcorn to the extreme, popcorn that makes your mouth water, popcorn that silently, wordlessly draws your hand toward the bowl. In other words, this is flavored gourmet popcorn you will remember for a lifetime!
Their gourmet snacks go beyond chocolate popcorn and cheese popcorn (although they do have amazing versions of those gourmet treats). Some of their customer favorites include peanut butter popcorn, caramel popcorn and world-famous kettle corn popcorn.

At Dale and Thomas Popcorn, quality begins from the moment they mix the first ingredients with their fluffy, crunchy popcorn and doesn’t end until you receive your order — fresh, fast and on time. When you send a gift of a Dale and Thomas gourmet popcorn tin or other popcorn treat — whether to a friend, family member, client or colleague — they do everything possible to ensure every item they ship arrives in perfect condition.

Chocolate Chunk n' Caramel
Peanut Butter & White Chocolate

This gourmet popcorn is AWESOME!!! It was such a treat to try this company's popcorn. I was craving some chocolate one night and decided to try the chocolate chunk caramel popcorn. It was better than a candy bar! My son begged me to let him have the Peanut Butter and White Chocolate popcorn after dinner as a dessert. He loved it! Both of these popcorns will melt in your mouth they are so good! The Milk and White Chocolate Drizzle Twist pretzels are unbelievable. They also have honey roasted pecans, which are great as an individual snack or you can mix it in a bowl with your popcorn. I definitely recommend this gourmet popcorn and pretzels to anyone who loves sweets.

I'm with Christal on this one! This popcorn is like putting a piece of heaven in your mouth! It's almost addicting you just can't stop with one piece or even handful for that matter. This is seriously hands down the best gourment popcorn I have ever tasted & it truly makes other gourmet popcorn look like  a cheap knock-off!

From just this popcorn you have the chocolate lovers dream with a few different options. Then if you are craving popcorn but want a little something different go with the Cinnamon which reminded us of cinnamon cereal but a thousand times better.

Want a little spice they got that covered too! Try the Chipotle with just the right amount of kick but in a popcorn kind of way! Love Cheddar popcorn like I do? Oh my goodness this popcorn is again hands down the best I have ever ate period.

The very generous people over at Dale and Thomas sent us a ton of different types to try out for ourselves! Below is one of the samplers that they sent!

Twelve Bag Sampler
Twelve popcorn flavors are packed in a huge, industrial-strength box, with handles that make it easy to carry.

About Our Twelve Bag Sampler:  
•The delicious flavors included are Dark Fudge with Praline Almonds, Hall of Fame Kettle Corn, Southwest Cheddar Chipotle, Chocolate Chunk N'Caramel, Cinnamon Crème DrizzleCorn, Peanut Butter & White Chocolate DrizzleCorn, Twice-As-Nice Chocolate DrizzleCorn, Dale's Caramel, North Country Cheddar, Double Chocolate DrizzleCorn, Black & White Biscotti, and White Cheddar & Black Peppercorn.
•Each box includes (12) foot-long bags of gourmet popcorn
•Each bag serves 2-4 people 

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