Monday, March 14, 2011

Enjoy Lighting Giveaway! From Whiskey Lullaby!

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Shamrockin' Giveaway #7 - Enjoy Lighting Review and Giveaway

With Enjoy Lighting candles, you can enjoy the warm atmosphere of candlelight without the unwanted fire risks or replacement costs.

Why Flameless Candles?
Safety – Traditional wicked candles cause over 15,000 house fires each year. With flameless candles, there is no fire risk if a candle is knocked over or placed too close to a curtains or furniture. Flameless candles are 100% safe around children and pets.

Décor – Use flameless candles in areas where wicked candles can’t go – in a floral arrangement or centerpiece, near curtains or drapes, on shelving or book shelves, in children’s bedrooms, and more.

Enjoy Lighting flameless candles provide the look of traditional candles with real wax, realistic flickering effect, and light fragrances.

Convenience – Candles won’t blow out when used outdoors. Some models include a built-in timer allowing the candle to turn on and off when you want it to, every day, at the same time. Set it once and your candle will automatically turn on and provide ambiance every day – without any effort on your part. Set it and forget it!

Cleanliness – no soot build up on your walls or ceilings. No melting wax on your furniture or carpet.

Cost Savings – while a traditional wicked candle can burn out in hours or days, Enjoy Lighting flameless candles will last for years. The LED lamp will operate for up to 10 years or 100,000 hours and a set of batteries can provide at least 300 hours of battery life.* With just the minimal cost of replacing batteries, flameless candles offer a 75% annual savings when compared to purchasing traditional wicked candles.

Ever since I first got married, I have always loved sitting in a candle lit room at night with my husband. But once we had kids, it was way too dangerous to only have candles on in a room. Now with Enjoy Lighting I can have the feeling of a candle but with the safety of a nightlight. The lights are made to look just like a wax candle but inside are three little bulbs that will last for 10 years! Isn't that amazing?! I say that is a great investment!
One winner is going to get to try 2 candles from Enjoy Lighting!
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