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Children's Book Giveaway @ Susan Heim on Parenting!

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 Susan Heim on Parenting

Children’s Book Review and Giveaway: LaRue Across America, by Mark Teague

In the delightful children’s book, LaRue Across America: Postcards from the Vacation, by Mark Teague, Ike LaRue, a dog, is forced to share his vacation with his neighbor’s two cats after their owner suffers from heatstroke. Ike and his owner were scheduled to take a cruise, but since cats aren’t allowed on the ship, they’ve all taken off on a road trip instead. Needless to say, Ike is having a miserable time cooped up in the car with two frenzied felines! In a series of postcards from various attractions around the United States, Ike pleads with Mrs. Hibbins, the cats’ owner, to retrieve her pets, who aren’t adjusting well to road life. Finally, in Death Valley, Ike is thrilled when the car breaks down (after a dog bone mysteriously becomes lodged in the engine), and they are offered tickets on another cruise ship -- one that allows cats! 
LaRue Across America is the fourth book in Mark Teague’s bestselling LaRue series. All showcase the hilarious adventures of Ike LaRue! In addition to being a fun story, LaRue Across America also includes a map where kids can follow Ike’s journey through various tourist attractions across the country. They’ll chuckle at Ike’s various attempts to get rid of his feline companions and delight in the marvelous illustrations by author Mark Teague. I give LaRue Across America two paws-up!
You can win this adorable book by entering here! Hurry! Giveaway ends 4/28:

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