Tuesday, April 12, 2011

HEXBUGS GIVEAWAY from The Bragging Mommy and Radio Shack

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The Bragging Mommy


Easter Egg HEXBUGS ~ Available at RadioShack ~ Review and Giveaway

To be honest with you, I was a little skeptical of the HEXBUG Nano Bunnies at first. I’m not sure if I didn’t really understand them, or if I just thought my girls wouldn’t care for them. Well I was completely wrong. These are seriously one of the most fun toys we have in our home (as tiny as they are). hex023
“Just in time for the Easter Bunny, comes the Limited Edition HEXBUG Nano Easter Egg dressed and ready to hop right into kids’ Easter baskets!
Each limited edition HEXBUG Nano Easter Egg is packaged in a Easter egg and comes fully decked out with a pair of mini removable bunny ears.”
Aren’t familiar with Hexbugs yet?
Basically it’s a pretend bug (although it doesn’t look like a real one….thank goodness).
With the Easter Edition of the Hexbug Nano, your little bug comes packaged in a plastic egg & wears (removable) bunny ears. Forget about the candy filled Easter Eggs, your kids will love a Hexbug filled Egg!
My kids were amazed by these creatures. Even my 11 month old son chased his around the kitchen for a good hour. They are tons of fun. I was pretty fascinated with them myself & had my share of playtime with them. All you do is flip a switch located on the bottom of the ‘bug’ to get it vibrating, and then it crawls every which way just like a bug. If it hits a wall, it will just turn and continue on.
Now we accidentally left one on during naptime, and when we woke up & found hexit, the battery was dead. So I will estimate that the battery life of the Hexbug Nano is about 3 hours (give or take). Fortunately, the battery can easily be replaced by removing a screw and putting in a new AG13 battery. We will definitely be getting a few new batteries, because I know my kids will play with these Hexbugs day after day! If you are looking for the perfect Easter toys, these are it!hex1
Things that are BRAG WORTHY:
  • Features vibration-propelled movements to speed around in random patterns & around obstacles
  • Register HEXBUG Nano online, earn points, play games and learn scientific facts
  • Includes an on/off switch and is easy to operate
  • Several color variations
  • Perfect for your child’s Easter Basket
The Hexbug Nano Bunny gets BRAGGING RIGHTS!
The Hexbug Nano Bunny is available at RadioShack & for a LIMITED TIME!!! Get yours today!!
RadioShack is generously giving away 2 Hexbug Nano Bunny’s to one lucky reader!!
To enter just go here! Hurry! Time is running out!

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