Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Plackers Giveaway from Mommy Katie!

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Plackers Gift Set Giveaway 5 Winners!!

As parents we want to keep our kids healthy. A big part of keeping our kids healthy is making sure that they know how to and learn good oral hygiene habits. A big part in learning good Oral Hygiene habits is flossing. We know as adults that we need to floss and it is very important that we teach our children the right way to floss as well and in order to do that we need to provide our kids with the right flossing tools. The people over at Plackers understand kids and they know how important their little smiles are to us, so they make flossers that are perfect for kids. They arent too big, so they can easily use them daily when flossing. Another huge tool that is needed in order to get proper oral hygiene is a toothbrush! Children dont just need a toothbrush, but they need a toothbrush that is the right size for their little mouths. But we all know that if there is fun music involved in any products that can make the sometimes trying tasks more fun, then that would be more preferable and more fun. Well the people over at Plackers understand that as well and they now carry childrens musical toothbrushes. The thing is these toothbrushes arent your regular pop song toothbrushes. These toothbrushes are actually educational! Instead of those pop tunes, your child can listen to music with sounds from down on the farm with the Barnyard Talk brush, they can learn their ABC's and sing along with the Let's Learn ABC's brush, they can count from one to ten with the Let's Learn 123's brush, or the brush that teaches your kids to brush the right way with the Let's Learn Toothbrush Talk brush. All four of these toothbrushes are a ton of fun and along with the Plackers Flossers for kids, your kids are sure to learn and pick up great Oral Hygiene habits! I was given a wonderful gift pack with all four kids toothbrushes and some packs of the Plackers Flossers to review, courtesy of Plackers. And the wonderful people over at Plackers would like to give 5 of my amazing readers their own set just like the one I received as well!!!!
To enter just go here! But hurry, giveaway ends 4/24!

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