Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Win a KooKoo Bird @ My Four Monkeys

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 My Four Monkeys

KooKoo Birds - Find Them at Toys 'R Us {Giveaway - 5 Winners}

Jay at Play International, also known for the new hot toy Happy Nappers, is introducing a new line of toys called Totally KooKoo this year. The first "breed, " KooKoo Birds is now available in Toys 'R Us stores, and will be in other major retailers starting in late summer. The line includes a variety of collectible plush birds, colorful pillows, as well as smaller (about 1.25") collectible KooKoo birds, and even a "ReTweet" bird that records what you say and says it back to you!

We received a pack including one small KooKoo bird and the Field Guide which is a listing of all the birds). The small little collectibles remind me of SQUINKIES or Littlest Pet Shop collectibles. They're small. They're birds. And they have fuzzy bellies. :) Obviously not for toddlers, but great for older kids. Throughout the year, you should start seeing the birds in stores near you, as well as playsets for the smaller collectible birds, including KooKoo cars.

On the horizon for the Totally KooKoo brand? The a-dog-able KooKoo Kennel and the KooKoo Pops monkeys, arriving in time for Christmas 2011.
To win a KooKoo Bird of your own just go here! Hurry! Giveaway ends 4/25! :http://www.myfourmonkeys.com/2011/04/kookoo-birds-find-them-at-toys-r-us.html

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